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Again, thanks to DreamHost and Ryan G. of Trideja, we’re able to completely remove hosting of the pack from external sources, aka MediaFire. What does that mean?

– You get the correct, latest version of our pack in its many releases
– Fewer ads, as few as none!
– Faster Downloads
– No More CAPTCHA nonsense
– Hotlinking has been disabled. Want to share? Affiliate!

Existing release sites will continue to be updated, including:
– ModDB
– MinecraftForum
– PlanetMinecraft
– MinecraftResourcePacks
– MinecraftTextures

It is not possible to claim a child safe product when you can’t vet or control advertisements associated with your files. Some are quite raunchy, and for a long time we haven’t had the ability to do anything about that. Cutting them out is important to not just our cause, but to our message.

We love your support, and are thrilled to have been so well received in so many parts of the world. Supporting creativity without compromising our values is not a paid privilege. Thus this change. We will not be offering ad-supported downloads, but will instead seek alternatives to monetizing the needs of our team.