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The question of net neutrality has been up for debate on several occasions in the last decade, but never has it been more significant than it is now. Governing bodies of several nations control, or aim to police our freedom of speech online. None have had more direct impact than the policies of the United States of America.

Now a single country is determined to meter and blockade what is now a world wide community. It is not perfect, but no single political group can be allowed to decide who has the lion’s http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/blood-pressure share of bandwidth. A simple analogy:

Choose your drink: Coke or Pepsi and get instant access, but dare to choose lemonade and you’ll be waiting in line with everyone else.

This is what the FCC proposes to do by allowing their Internet to be defined as a service, instead of a utility. This issue affects everyone and is bigger than gaming. It’s about freedom.

Tell the FCC that they need to leave the internet alone! Battle for the Net!┬áSee also the EFF’s discussion of Net Neutrality for more information.