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preview-updates-restone-stuffThanks to some great resources available on Planetminecraft, I was able to make a few changes.

>> entity/banner
-> bricks
>> textures/blocks
-> leaves_acacia
-> leaves_big_oak
-> leaves_birch
-> leaves_jungle
-> leaves_oak
-> leaves_spruce
-> redstone_torch_off
-> redstone_torch_on
-> comparator_off
-> comparator_on
-> repeater_on
-> repeater_off

The update is already live on the download page!


Been a while, hasn’t it? We’ve finished the transition to a new host, with thanks to Trideja and DreamHost. ACME Pack will be primarily available here, along with any updates that occur along the way. Tumbleberry and I have worked hard to present Mojang’s new textures with the utmost respect to the original materials.

The ACME Pack is available in all the usual resolutions: 64x, 128x, 256x and 512x. Check out our screenshots and downloads!


~ Hastypixels and Tumbleberry