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There’s no getting around it; good anything costs money, even if its your living costs. Swag wasn’t logical, and though we’re glad you guys don’t mind clicking links to support us – which, btw, thank you – most of our downloaders are young, impressionable and we’ve a standard to uphold.

Many thanks go to Ryan Googlevitch and Dreamhost for covering our hosting costs, it makes this site possible as the go-to home site. We’re not asking much, but we are not willing allow aggressive advertisers to exploit the web. Google Adsense is the closest we have to an answer right now.

No, it’s not perfect, but it grants us control over the third party content that would appear on the site. We won’t tolerate excuses; ads will be limited and monitored. Most of our hits originate from schools, thus we will be carefully controlling the campaigns that do appear.

Feedback, as always, is welcome. We’re not perfect, and like you, have busy lives, but we are dedicated to presenting ACME Resource Pack and its content with the utmost consistency and concern for its users.

Thank you.