After some wrestling with my “media production hardware”, I have uploaded our new demo video to YouTube! Wrangling the parrots was the easy part, good gravy.  I will be doing more like this, and migrating the videos from my pixelkickers account to hastypixels, so life makes a little more sense. Too much, too soon.

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Thank you.

That title kinda reminds me of those Dilbert pun-ish-mints, you know… “Managemints”, etc. Heh. Ahem! Where is the latest version of ACME Resource Pack? You guys are wonderfully patient. I’d like to assure you that Tumbleberry and I are working hard on the new textures. It’s not just us, right? Those parrot textures are have their own design flavour, and certainly aren’t what we would have done.

Moving on.

As it happens I’m also announcing our official support for Minecraft Portable Edition (MCPE), which will be freely available…when it’s ready. I’ve just begun to list the internal distinctions between the Resource Pack and what Micro…er, Mojang is calling “Add Ons”. The good news the MCPE team has done a commendable job of making its edition streamlined, so there’s not much http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/alcoholism/ work to be done with the majority of textures. That’s great, because it shaves months off the projected launch schedule.

Honestly, it’s more like “more sooner than later” sort of thing. You see, there are four different sets of Graphical User Interface assets that will have to be made from scratch for ACME Pack for MCPE, and as we’re in the habit of releasing only complete products, you can imagine this may take awhile. We will release the Resource Pack when it’s ready, and I’ll keep y’all updated on the progress of the ACME Pack Resource…Pack…Add On…thing.

Gonna need a better name for it, too.

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The question of net neutrality has been up for debate on several occasions in the last decade, but never has it been more significant than it is now. Governing bodies of several nations control, or aim to police our freedom of speech online. None have had more direct impact than the policies of the United States of America.

Now a single country is determined to meter and blockade what is now a world wide community. It is not perfect, but no single political group can be allowed to decide who has the lion’s http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/blood-pressure share of bandwidth. A simple analogy:

Choose your drink: Coke or Pepsi and get instant access, but dare to choose lemonade and you’ll be waiting in line with everyone else.

This is what the FCC proposes to do by allowing their Internet to be defined as a service, instead of a utility. This issue affects everyone and is bigger than gaming. It’s about freedom.

Tell the FCC that they need to leave the internet alone! Battle for the Net! See also the EFF’s discussion of Net Neutrality for more information.

Yeah, I’m not apologizing for that. Tumbleberry and I have been hard at work preparing the update for ACME Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.11 – and from what I can tell we’re not alone in being behind the curve. Technical stuff aside, I’m here to announce our official Patreon page!

If you’re not sure how to show your love for the ACME Pack – besides tweeting and making videos about it, that is – I’m incentivizing the notion of donations with some perks. Patreon supporters will get an inside look at our development process, personal chat time with me (hastypixels).

That sounds http://www.montauk-monster.com/pharmacy weird to me … but there it is. And hey, here it is!


So, being here, there and everywhere, I’ve noticed some more activity here … sorry about the delay in getting to it. I promise to be more prompt in my responses … didn’t actually expect anyone to use them. Silly me?

Thank you, everyone. If you hop on over to my Patreon page you’ll see some posts about my recent novel, but I promise to have some resource pack related posts up soon. The interesting stuff will be for Supporters, naturally.

Welp, back to work…

We did it! And boy howdy did we answer the … ahem, cherry picking … of certain textures that took place. Seriously guys, we appreciate the flattery, but this is becoming a habit.

We’ve covered every new texture in the Minecraft 1.10 “Frostburn Update” , of course, and you’ll appreciate Tumble’s charming humour with the new mobs. I took the nether brick block for a stroll and came back with a monster. You’ll see what I mean.

Enough about http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/womans-health/ that. The downloads page has been updated with the new links! Be advised that we’ve made good on our promise to discontinue 512x resolution. Even with 16GB of RAM and a 4GB graphics card it’s still untenable to test, and that’s just not worth it.

Who wants to ship a broken product? Yeah, not us. Anyway, enjoy! I’ll be updating our affiliate sites tomorrow with the updated texture pack. Toodles!

preview-chorus_fruit-1024x768pxWe are pleased to finally announce the release of ACME Resource Pack v9.82 for Minecraft! Downloads are live, so hop on over! There was so much to do, but we’ve arrived! Every aspect of the Combat Update has been covered in our distinctive style.

Chorus fruit? We’ve got it! Weird not-Cubeworld-flying-wing-things? Got those too. And a few other things. We updated more than what’s new, but that’s http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/sleeping-aids/ what happens when you become more conversant with the tools.

When you’re in the new boats, be sure to check out the water. About time, isn’t it?

Retroactive updates of older pack versions haven’t occurred yet, but that’s in the pipeline along with a massive revamp of our entire pack to meet the new standard you’re seeing in these new textures. Something to look forward to!


Candycane Glass

Candycane Glass

Last year many of the users of our Christmas Add-on pack expressed confusion about the nature of the pack and its features. We’ve replaced that pack with the Gingerbread Kit (download here), which emphasizes the inherent creativity of Minecraft players and the snowy, seasonal mood of winter and its cheer! Hopefully it just makes more sense what the pack is for: You and your seasonal build ideas!

Candycane glass replaces white glass and takes both block and pane form for total flexibility, while sugar glass has been moved to light grey (or silver) glass, for additional building options. This year MCPatcher is not required at all, and this pack will function as intended in Minecraft http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/allergy/ 1.8.x, unmodified! No MCPatcher, no Optfiine required!

All of our unique gingerbread, icing and candied blocks are named and completely searchable to improve access and discoverability. This year we have two types of icing: White Icing and French (Blue) Icing, which comes in several pattern types. Also, Tumbleberry has gone the distance and designed a full set of Christmas themed armor (and weapon).

As always we’ve taking the road less traveled, presenting designs that are stylish and tasteful with the keen, pleasing color experience you’re used to from the ACME Resource Pack. Finally, bear in mind that this pack only includes the Christmas themed textures, making it compatible with your favorite resource pack!

From us to you,

Merry Christmas from Nudgeworks Design!

We’ve trusted and supported Dropbox for some time, and though it is an effective solution, it has many problems. The latest of these is the induction of Condolleeza Rice to their Board of Directors. This was clearly intended to bolster the value of their upcoming IPO and other products.

We just don’t trust them. There are many http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/migraine/ reasons for this, but trust is vital to us – we elected to drop adf.ly because of related issues. While in pursuit of an OwnCloud server, we’re moving over to Google Drive. While not much cleaner, they are higher on the food chain.

The system may be flawed, but we can care about our choices.

A great thrill of being a part of such an active creative community is the view responses we see in the form of reviews, top tens and builds! If you have suggestions or a build you’d like shown off in this feature, send us an email with a link and screenshots. Meanwhile we’d like to highlight your effort and time as a show of thanks, so let’s get to it!

Thank you to GeekGamer.tv for featuring our Christmas Pack!

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You guys are all awesome! We’re looking forward to the release of Minecraft 1.8 to bring the improvements right along! Thank you all.