Yeah, I’m not apologizing for that. Tumbleberry and I have been hard at work preparing the update for ACME Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.11 – and from what I can tell we’re not alone in being behind the curve. Technical stuff aside, I’m here to announce our official Patreon page!

If you’re not sure how to show your love for the ACME Pack – besides tweeting and making videos about it, that is – I’m incentivizing the notion of donations with some perks. Patreon supporters will get an inside look at our development process, personal chat time with me (hastypixels).

That sounds weird to me … but there it is. And hey, here it is!

So, being here, there and everywhere, I’ve noticed some more activity here … sorry about the delay in getting to it. I promise to be more prompt in my responses … didn’t actually expect anyone to use them. Silly me?

Thank you, everyone. If you hop on over to my Patreon page you’ll see some posts about my recent novel, but I promise to have some resource pack related posts up soon. The interesting stuff will be for Supporters, naturally.

Welp, back to work…

08-19-2014-Good So FarI am pleased to announce we are ready for the release of Minecraft 1.8 and will release in parallel. According to Mojang that should be in a few days.

In the tradition of our past releases, we don’t support snapshots. Some pretty crazy stuff can happen there, and it can be very disorienting. We prefer the most direct answer, so we’ve taken the approach of supporting full releases, not works-in-process.

One more thing: We are looking at the possibility of bringing ads to this homepage to provide some financial support for all the traffic it generates, which works out to roughly 5K downloads a week, over 10K visitors in the same span.

Thank you to everyone who supports the pack by downloading it and making videos! We don’t depend on feedback, but we’re always thrilled to receive it.

– Hastypixels and Tumbleberry

A great thrill of being a part of such an active creative community is the view responses we see in the form of reviews, top tens and builds! If you have suggestions or a build you’d like shown off in this feature, send us an email with a link and screenshots. Meanwhile we’d like to highlight your effort and time as a show of thanks, so let’s get to it!

Thank you to for featuring our Christmas Pack!

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You guys are all awesome! We’re looking forward to the release of Minecraft 1.8 to bring the improvements right along! Thank you all.