time lapse

Checksums_for_ACME_PackI’ve updated all of our ACME Pack Downloads to include MD5 and CRC checksums. This means you can be sure you’ve got files that haven’t been tampered with. The plethora of sites resharing our files should temporarily flag has not having them, but now we’ll actually be able to tell.

Just a minor, technical thing. I go out of my way to remove hidden system files from our packs because I don’t trust Microsoft’s security policies all that much.

Meanwhile I’ve noticed my time lapse videos have clocked a few thousand http://www.buyambienmed.com/ambien-comparison/ views, and as that’s thousands more than anything else I’ve made, expect more of that!

Finally, downloads continue steadily at roughly 5,000 per week, and honestly I don’t have any totals right now. Aggregating that data is a new skill for me. I’m planning around round up for March, so I’ll do my best to produce some solid data along with that.

Again, thank you for downloading and sharing! This pack is for you, and you are the ones who make it awesome!

2014-01-23_13.12.13 2014-01-23_13.14.25
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Funny story… at the time of recording you guys have all been downloading the pack, and I’d worked out something like 40K, when it’s actually much closer to 43K at the time of this writing. Nonetheless, Blazebug and I completed our second Time Lapse tribute: Cloudless Sky.

That’s 8 hours of playtime accelerated at a rate of 38x or 3800%. A little clumsy to do in iMovie 11 at first http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/diabetes/ until I figured out that it’s actually far easier than ever. A lesson not to give up so quickly when a new program doesn’t behave as you think it should. Apart from tweaks it was so much easier and faster to create this video than our last one.

Easy enough in fact we could do it on a more regular basis. Which we’d love to. Finding “excuses” to Twitch.tv this and do more would be great! We’re open to suggestions!