So many things have changed since the last update: We have our own homepage and hosting solution now, we have surpassed 100,000 downloads, had our textures and splash texts cherry-picked by Mojang in advance of its sale to Microsoft, just as others have.

Tumbleberry and I discussed the issue thoroughly, and in the end the experience is what matters, not paycheque. Clearly if it did, we wouldn’t be making a modification for Minecraft. Now that Microsoft will be assuming control, we are going to continue updating the texture pack as usual. We are hopeful that Microsoft’s expertise will improve Minecraft as a creative tool for all of us.

Above all else Minecraft enables previously unrealized creativity and social interaction. How many have sat down to watch someone build Lego? Tens of millions watch others play and build in Minecraft, to the extent http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/antiviral/ that Microsoft is paying for the audience, not the product. May that be the guiding principle as development continues.

Promised features, bug fixes and community attentiveness have all been inconsistent under the stewardship of Mojang, which, like other home-grown Indie houses, lack experience at the international support level. I am assured, if nothing else, by Microsoft’s past experience in this arena. While not always positive, they do have a lot of it.

The fact is that Minecraft reached millions more than it would have thanks to the XBox 360 and PS3, and increased audience can only do more good in this type of game: Our creativity is at the heart of its success, after all. We made Minecraft the success it has become, let us not forget that.

What will you be creating? We’re excited to find out!

Minecraft’s current resource pack management system is a little clunky, especially for those less familiar with the inner workings of file structures in Operating Systems. Do you know where the .minecraft folder is? In my opinion you shouldn’t have to. It’s understood that the Mod API is in development, and hopefully the implementation of mods will improve as well, http://healthsavy.com/product/viagra/ most of all the interface used to add them.

Usability has always been important to me, so to help out you Minecraft players out there, I’ve put together a foolproof tutorial to explain the process of installing resource packs, step by step. It’s up on YouTube. Share the link as you please, but credit properly.